Paul W. Draper

4830 South Viewmont Drive. Salt Lake City, Utah, 84117

272-2922 272-5327

Male Jewish Caucasian American

Undeclared Major: (Theater, Music, Theology, Social Work, Pre Law) Freshman

Cabinet of Interest: Executive

In which area of ASUU are you interested in serving and why:

Community Service Board Chair:

We cannot idly stand by with our eyes shut and arms folded.

We are the only ones who can bring humanity to the ideal Zion / utopia that our state in particular claims to be. Through service to others we make ourselves better people, through service to others we make ourselves a greater humanity. I have given service and organized projects for the Utah homeless shelter, battered women's shelter and minority houses including the Native American Walk in Center and The National Conference of Community and Justice. As one of the founding officers of the nationally recognized and internationally organized service project H.U.G.S. Club (Help Us Give Service) and a six year contributor and member of the Anytown anti racism and bigotry organization I have found that those in the most need of help

are sometimes frightened to step forward, so we must search for them.

Help me, to help them, to help us.

Government Relations Board Chair:

In the state of Utah this last election year one of the lowest voting percentages

fell to the most educated, the University students and faculty. Our voices need to be heard, our needs must be met. There are labs lacking proper safety equipment, classrooms without fans for the summer and heaters for winter. Programs are being cut and students are leaving for other colleges where their house and senate have seen the needs for the funding. Every day the University pay lots are filled with cars of students who paid for the E and U stalls, but they weren't available. We can't tackle every issue, can't take on the world in one year. Our job is solely to be the captain of the ship for this moment, for now. We have a chance only to take baby steps. A two degree turn is a small step but it would have saved the Titanic. I want to make sure that we take the baby steps to , possibly save, higher education.

Special Skills or experiences you will contribute to ASUU:

An overwhelming desire to make a difference and have an impact rages within me.

I have worked as a Elementary Tutor, High school Speech and Drama Coach, Sales Manager, Motivational Speaker, Computer Consultant, and Lobbyist. Through these I have gained the skills to organize empathize and communicate. Those are, as I see them, the Special skills needed to help represent the students of the University.

Time Commitments for the 1998-99 Academic year:

13-15 credit hours

6 hr per Week K-UTE Radio

Concert Choir 10 evenings per semester

Saturday Religious service (can attend Friday night/ be worked out if necessary)

Current Employment/ Work history:

See attached Portfolio

University of Utah Extracurricular Activities/Associations/Clubs, Etc. & positions held:

Concert Choir: soloist and Bass

Hillel: Publicity Chair

K-UTE: Lunch Hour Specialty Show DJ

Utah Univ. Democrats: One of the new founding Fathers

Terra Firma: Member

Community service and Volunteer History:


Member of original founding officers in this awarded service organization sponsored by Granite School District. Two year Organizer and activity planing coordinator.

Many hours service:

At the homeless shelter cleaning and teaching

Building a home for Habitat for Humanity

Being a "Buddy" for multiple elderly homes

Fighting Racism and Bigotry though Education through Anytown

Preparing food and feeding those under the viaduct: Utah and Washington D.C.

Entertaining and instilling hope in the children at the Merilic House Battered Women's shelter.

Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians:

Have organized and performed annual shows at Holliday Elm. for eleven years

Principal instructor for 1995 Utah Jewish Federation Youth Actor Training Program

Feeding the wildlife in the winter

Special Interests/ Hobbies -Awards and Honors:

See attached portfolio