When you feel the tears in your eyes.

and the pain deep in your soul.

when the memory of love is strong,

but the heat of hate is near.

when your heart has been broken again and again.

and all you feel is fear,

when you're ready to let go (give up)

because everything is pain.

then maybe you'll understand me and how i died.

when you feel so free, so careless, so loved.

and you smile, and you laugh.

when they tell you that you matter,

then dump you on the ground,

when you see the stars,

but aren't able to touch them.

then you'll see through my confusion.

and know why i'm gone.

How can i know where i'm going,

when i don't even know where i am.

confusion is all we have,

and i try to dream as much as i can.

There is no fate,

and only the pain is real.

(nothing is ours)

and the more we have, the more we steal.

i'd trust you with me life,

but never with my heart.

it's more then my soul wants to feel,

and my world is blown apart.

"never again" is tomorrow,

and tomorrow is always today.

no matter how far i push you,

you always seem to stay.

Make a wish, and close your eyes.

understand my prayers,

i've finally learned to fly.

Move with the music,

feel the moon's glow.

call my name,

...i love you so...

Learn to believe

in me, in you.

together and always, we'll make it through.

Tell the truth, but live a lie,

we're born to live.? we're born to die

I yearn for night.

I need the dark.

I want no light.

I loathe the spark.

My soul is cold.

My fingers numb.

My lies all told.

Death does come.

Only myself.

Do I answer too.

Screw the rest.

God, Satan, and you.

In every truth

there is some lie

they sell it all

so never buy

And when you're blind

you still should see

that everything

has it's fee..


I rise, and stand, exhaltd, o'er

the ruins of my past.

The towers of my happiness,

built so strong to last.

Reality lies below me,

grasping me in vain,

As, shrouded in my fantasy,

I quickly go insane.

Then, all at once it shatters,

and I plummet to the ground.

The ruins of my happiness,

lie broken, all around.

I look to see the darkness

come clutching at my brain,

Grasping, tearing, clawing,

and once again, I'm sane...