Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger's Masterclass


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Jeff McBrides Living room. This is where Master Class is held.
Eugene Burger a video camera and other students watch on as other members of the master class perform.
Jeff and Eugene give complements and Ideas for improvement to a student who presented close up magic. The students get to keep a copy of their video to refer to later.
Master Class 1999 I'm in the green on the left. and those are the PenDragons inbetween Jeff and Eugene
Nate Meier Took this shot of me wih Rodger Whites camera in my living room.
Paul W. Draper and Eugene Burger Embossed
Me and Eugene Burger
The PenDragons Lecture at Masterclass
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This guy taught me how to pick a watch. He stole mine without my knowing, while he was teaching me how it was done. You've got to pick a pocket or two........ for perfessional purposes only.

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