Photos of Friends, Family and Shows


This is one of my favorite shows.... The WIZ. I was the Lion. Jason Shamy is the Tin Man, Geff Hemmingway is the Wiz, Ginger Judkins is Dorthy, and John Lebaron is the Scarecrow
Jeff Hemmingway as the wiz.. and I helped to build "Joseph" the evil draggon .... hummm the black tee shirt and half missing finger sort of make that dragon look like the ex stage manager clint...... Hummmm
The Wiz. Can you feel a brand new day? I am up above on the magic trick we built to make the witch melt and dissapear.
Aaron Reed. He helped design my web page. Is the other half of my creative team that works on Murder Mysteries, Musicals, Buleten Boards, Theater Directing, Seances , Book Authoring and almost everything elce creative I do. Thank you Aaron (he hates this picture)
A magic shop in Ceasers Mall in Las Vegas.... can you spot the famous magician? Whats the real name of Erich Wiess?
Don't ask, Long story.... ohhhh Boy, I feel that curse coming on again
These were my classmates in Hebrew School. We got together one year after Yom Kippur. Im the one all in white, how repentant :-). We are at the home of Aaron Jacobson (He's the Tall one in the Anytown shirt)
Me and the mouse patroll in the Wiz
I was Prince Nikki in "My One and Only"
My mom and step dad.
A bunch of my friends right before a murder mystery. One of them is the Killer, but, the rest don't know yet. Can you guess who it is?

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