Proposal for Olympus High School Club

The Philosophs

(Philosophy Club)

Mission statement:

This clubs purpose is to provide a comfortable, non - confrontational environment to discuss, analyze and philosophies. The Philosophs (or TP) will give the students of Olympus High School a place to express thoughts on age old philosophical, sociological, and world problems. This club fulfills the need for those students interested in debate, philosophy, sociology psychology and political science.


A $5 membership fee will be required upon registration with the TP. (membership fee is waved if students family can not afford fee)

All permanent members of TP must also belong to at least one other social club i.e.. Young Republicans, Young Democrats, HUGS club etc.

Legislative Branch and Officers:

The TP officers will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Offices will be made on account of majority rule vote of TP Members.

Powers and duties of TP Officers:

President: Will act as chairman and will be responsible for the execution of all meetings including organization planing and advertisement. In the case that the president is unavailable the vice president will assume the presidential role, secretary the vice presidential role and so on. If the situation arises that no officers are present to perform a duty the members will vote upon a honorary officer to fill the roll for that meeting, upon majority decision.

Vice president: Will be the acting sergeant at arms in charge of settling any internal conflicts and or mediating any disputes and arguments in a orderly non disruptive fashion. The Vice - President also has the right at any time to relive one of its members from the discussions if that member is either disruptive, or abusive to any other members

Secretary: Is in charge of keeping a record of topics discussed and promonate conclusions voiced.

Treasurer: Is in charge of keeping track of club members , and membership fees.


Meetings will take place approx.. twice a month as planed by the presidency. The meetings will consist of two topics to be discussed, members and officers will contribute topics to be voted upon for discussions.