Weber State Universities


Battle of the Bands

Dates and Times:
April 14th, 15th & 16th
9:30am - 1:30pm

We are accepting 24 bands.
Each band will have a 30 min slot 
to set up, play and take down.

We will be providing:

  • A Stage - between the library and math building (North of the bell tower)
  • 3 microphones
  • Speakers (not for individual instraments/amplifiers)
In case of inclement weather Battle of the Bands will be held in the GALLERY.
We figure Wednesday and Thursay will be outside
Rules and Regulations:
  • No excessive explicit lyrics. No racism.
  • Honor university dress code.
  • Provide and Responsible for own transportation and equipment


Participation Prizes for all.

3rd Place       $50

2nd Place      $75

 * Grand Prize *

The Lucky Band
Will be the main attraction at Weber State's
SunFest "All Night Party"

Given A Recording Contract.

And $50 Cash

If we've  confirmed you....... YOU SHOULD BE ON THIS LIST!

9:30am - 10:00am
 Flying Pigs
10:00am - 10:30am
 Anarchist Sheep Bleet
 Monkey Butlers
10:30am - 11:00am
 Pud & the Wackers
The Others
11:00am - 11:30am
   Trisha Buhrley & Adam Record
11:30am - 12:00pm
             Jake White
Trespass Canyon
Jogan Janes
12:00pm - 12:30pm
 Honors Poetry Reading
Nick Demas 
12:30pm - 1:00pm
Honors Poetry Reading
Inside Green
1:00pm - 1:30pm
Honors Poetry Reading
 Fourth Watch
Think Tank

These times are final.
If you need to cancel then call Mari  626-8841.



Tell us about your band!
Give times that will be the most convenient for you.
+ Name, Address and phone number.