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What is the official website for the films?

The official New Line site for the films is This is where to get the first internet trailer for the films. Currently, there is not much else the site has to offer; expect more content as the film's release gets closer.

To see the beautiful pre-production images that were on the old site, check out a mirror here.

A Black Rider silhouetted by a setting sun.

This detail on a New Line ad is actually a modified version of this pre-production image.

Where can I get the internet trailer?

Released on April 7, 2000, this two and a half minute clip shows behind-the-scenes footage, snippets of interviews with Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson, and about a minute of shots from the film. The trailer is available in four different sizes on the official site's preview page in Quicktime (.MOV) format. (You will need Quicktime 4.1.1 to view it.) The trailer is available unofficially in the MPEG and RealVideo formats at The LOTR Movie Site. Finally, if you can't get the trailer to work, a shot-by-shot gallery with comments is available on

Storyboards showing the Fellowship in Moria

An early storyboard from a New Zealand news program about the films.

Where can I find an image gallery?

The most complete gallery is at They have nearly every image related to the production available, divided into several useful categories. Link to their Image Gallery and find the category listings on the lefthand bar.

Other great galleries are Tolkien Online's Gallery, which features a search engine and includes non-movie related Tolkien artwork, Englander's Movie Images, which breaks images down by the month they were made available, and's Scrapbook, an archive of images that have made the net buzz over the past few years. All of these galleries are great places to spend some time.

What are the best sites for daily news about the trilogy?

There are a number of sites devoted specifically to the upcoming movies, and most are updated daily with the latest tidbits and news. Some of the most popular are Imladris, Ringbearer, Tol Galen, Tolkien Online,, and The Lord of the Rings Movie Site. Each of these are recommended as great places to fish for rumors, post your thoughts on discussion boards, browse images, or read essays and editorials on the films and Tolkien's work in general.

A great source for rumors on the films is Ain't-It-Cool News. For starters, they hosted the two Peter Jackson questionnaires that are required reading for anyone interested in the upcoming films. They provide personal insight into Jackson's attitude and thoughts on their production that you won't get from a fact-based page like this one. By all means take the time to read both the first Q&A (from August '98) and the second Q&A (from December '98). AICN also has an excellent track record for reporting accurate rumors, and the site is updated daily with reports and rumors on movies currently in production. Other movie sites that frequently post news on the Rings trilogy are Cinescape Online, Dark Horizons, and Coming Attractions.

What are some other web pages of interest?

E-Online runs a site called Force of Hobbit, featuring behind-the-scenes reports and interviews with cast and crew members. A new article is posted on the first of each month, often accompanied by pictures and news updates. Unfortunately, they do not make it easy to find past articles; check our Document Archive page for links to "Force of Hobbit" articles by content.

For an archive of newspaper and magazine articles related to the films, visit this page on Imladris. For an archive of official press releases, visit our own Document Archive.

A complete crew list, published in New Zealand's OnFilm magazine, has been graciously posted on the web by

To read a review of an older draft of the script (back when it was going to be two films and not three), visit this Ain't-It-Cool News page.

The site for WETA Ltd, the company producing the special effects for the trilogy, might also be useful.

Intrepid New Zealand spies have been capturing pictures of production sets since before filming began. To see some of the latest undercover set images, go to TheOneRing.Net's Spy Reports.

Liv Tyler holds Frodo on horseback.

This spy shot printed in the Australian Woman's Day reportedly caused the magazine to be banned from publishing any official reports on the film.

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"'Lord of the Rings' is wonderful source material, an amazingly intricate epic story with wonderful characters. We're just trying to take all the great stuff from the books and use modern technology to give audiences a night at the movies quite unlike anything they have ever seen before."
-- Director Peter Jackson