What people are saying about Paul.

Real nifty looking picture of Paul doing something Magical! :-)Your being with us was nothing short of an act of fate. ... I take my hat off to you!! Much success.

- Dave Arnold Artistic Director of Le Belle Opera Co.

You are simply the greatest! Thank - you so much for doing your awesome magic show for the Handicap Kids Activity - You were Truly the life of the party! Fox 13 will air the story in about a month...

-Brynn Jankee Youth Specialist for the Utah Youth Summit (Lt. Governors office)

Thank you SO very much for helping us out with the Handicap primary. You were absolutely amazing and the kids loved you.

- HUGS Officers (Help Us Give Service)

I want to thank you again for the part you played in making our staff retreat so successful.

Your program was the perfect ending to two days of workshops. The staff left with smiles.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do - You are extremely talented and versatile.

- Laurell Martenez College of Arts and Humanities Weber State University

On behalf of the youth Group and Community of Grace Presbyterian Church, thank you so much for your time and informative presentation. May god's blessings be with you in all your future endeavors and we'll be watching. Cheers

-Grace Presbyterian Church

"Miles Gloriosis was flawlessly portrayed by Paul Draper"

- Deseret News Theater Review

Yesterday, As we began the annual commemoration of the Holocaust with "Holocaust Memorial week", Olympus High School students, under the capable direction of Paul Draper, presented "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" to students and congregates at Congregation Kol Ami. The presentation was superb! The sensitivity conveyed by all participating students was impressive! The acting, directing, and sets were wonderful, and very appropriate.

The Olympus students expressed great appreciation for your support and encouragement. We are, in turn, very grateful to you and to the talented, sensitive students who afforded us such a memorable, powerful experience. Everyone in the audience -- children, adolescents, and adults -- joins me in expressing thanks and appreciation.

- Nomi Loeb, Principal Kol Ami Religious School

...I find Paul to be a person of exceptional ability. I also find Paul to be a person of great integrity. ... Thank you for a decade of magic.

- Lorene Billings Holladay Elementary Educator

"... Paul was consistently above - average in all respects, but particularly so in the area of critical thinking and his clear expression of thought.

Over the years I have found Paul to be a very dynamic student who was unafraid to ask questions and give his opinions.

Paul Has a very pleasant personality and a healthy sense of humor. He is driven and focused in his academic study, and not afraid of being a leader. He has high standards of integrity and is simply a great example for those with whom he associates. Paul is involved in many activities that demonstrate his willingness to actively express and work towards his beliefs. I believe Paul to be in the top 1% of all the students I have taught in the areas of attitude a ability. ..."

- David Vande Veegaete Educator Granite School District. Philosophy, History and Business.

Paul is a "people person". He likes people. He accepts and enjoys them. I would venture to say that most schools and businesses (to say nothing of communities and nations) want and need those who know how to work cooperatively with others. ...

Paul Draper will be an asset to your institution. I recommend him to your faculty and administration.

- Joe Spendlove Social Studies Specialist Granite School District

...Paul educates and learns from everyone. He sees value in everyone. When Paul delivers a speech his enthusiasm blows in and lifts the audience into the air with it. An auditorium full of junior High school students verified this assertion last year when they sat, spell bound, watching Paul deliver his oration. Simple. Poignant. Truthful. Heartfelt. Paul Celebrated the powerful possibilities he recognized in these kids. When he finished speaking, all of these seventh, eighth and ninth grade students rose to their feet with applause. They had awarded to Paul ... an honor usually reserved for the likes of Michael Jordan and Jim Carey.

At one point in his speech Paul admits "I have a lot to work on, but I also have a lot to work with." Paul's speech conveyed hope. Even in the face of the nightly news Paul, Himself, gives me hope. Do not miss this guy! He is an unconventionally kind young man who will enrich the lives of everyone he meets. Prepositions aside, Paul really will give you so much to work with.

-Rebecca Brough Olympus High School

This is a very special person an I highly recommend him.

- David Litvack Assistant Director National Conference of Community and Justice (Utah)

...Paul, was and is a beautiful role model of the ideals of inclusiveness and respect. Along with his wonderful character he is a young man of many talents; he acts, sings, is a magician, writes poetry. He doesn't just dabble, he is exceptional!

- Joan W. Smith, DSW Executive Director National Conference of Community and Justice (Utah)

We have had so many comments on our program; "it was like a spiritual experience" , "you should do this every year" , I would like to have the script, so I can use it at my school", etc., etc. Mostly due to the momentum that you set for the whole piece. You were are just terrific. Thank you, Thank you. We love you and are so glad you are a part of our team.

Please save room on your plate for Anytown; the entertainment world needs you, but so do our children. With special regards,

- Joan W. Smith, DSW Executive Director National Conference of Community and Justice (Utah)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with the participants of the recent Utah Youth Summit. The workshops were one of the highlights of the summit and the feedback from your workshop was VERY positive. AMAZING! Extraordinary! Awesome experience! Totally in Awe! A huge success! Wonderful! Incredible! ...

- Becky Mitchell 4-H Youth Development Specialist

You Command the Stage with authority well beyond your years. Keep it up.

-Lucky Heath

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