Paul W Draper
Aug. 31 1998
    For those of you who don't know; I have made a dramatic change in my life. I have taken that giant step that all children must go through!! I Have moved out of my house to go to University.............. ok so I only moved forty - five minutes away but it's so hard to leave the womb.
    I am currently snuggled into room 801 of promontory tower at weber state university. Contacting me is as easy as dealing with your local long distance comp. (blah) just call 1-801-626-8715, or send me care packages to the weber residence halls under my name "Paul W. Draper" box number 463.
    In order to make my move more comfortable I recently acquired a Compaq Presario 1655 (which I'm typing on right now)  so I can receive your e-mails any  time of day ( I carry it around where ever I go).

        And now, for your e-mail reading entertainment, my schedule.........

monday:     from ten AM untill one Pm I was able to pack in Small group/interpersonal Communication, People and cultures of the world anthropology, and stage management and production. then later that evening from six untill eight I have intermediate karate... watch out! :-)

Tuesday: The day doesn't start untill about noon when I have Webers concert choir then from one untill two I have the board meeting  for radio production and staff of Webers 88.1 the beat. the beat can be heard all throughout ogden up to park city and down as far as lagoon , they say that on a cloudy day it can be herd into down town salt lake .....Hummm have to check into that. My tuesday ends with  Bummm da da da extensive debate from five pm untill half past eight all of the debaters cram into a little room and flex their minds, (and bags of potato chips) over important world topics topics like, The U.S. presidents free time. Ahh how proud symbols like the american flag, the bald eagle (remember the one who lost his home during utah road construction) and our pure president make me. It brings a tear to my eye.

Wednesday: see monday :-)

Thursday: at Noon I take a stroll over to choir, then I come back to the casa and sleep ahhhhh the collage life.

Friday: See monday, no karate however, geze I have to take a breather some time :-)

    All in all it equals 16 credit hours, four books, 15 exams and tests, 85 assignments,, 250 hours back stage outside of class, memorizing 30 pieces of sheet music, 30 hours on air radio time , 25 public service announcements, 25 commercials, 3 speeches, 10  tournaments, 1 karate gee, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pair tree.

Well I have to read some chapters and update my resume for a play audition in two days, so I shall bid you adeiu

                                          Pleasant Dreams within Dreams, may all of your wishes come true!

                                                                            Paul W. Draper


P.S. Please write.