After my last e-mail update I was sent over ten letters saying things from "buy a spell checker" and "adu, what's adu?" to "Do they teach spelling in college or were you supposed to learn that before now"
....... sooooooo .......
I will try to check through my letters at lest once before sending them, I hope that will appease, and now on with the update..

    Paul W. Drapers Update Sept. 10, 1998

    I tried out for the play and the musical. Making call backs for both I told the directors that I could only accept one of the two roles if the case came up. You can all come to see me as Sir Toby Belch ( yup I believe that's where the word belch comes from) at the Egyptian Theater October 28th- 31st in the production of Twelfth Night.
    The only downer is that I loose my Halloween and my birthday (Oct. 29th, gee it would be nice if someone organized an after show get together to go get dinner or something, but who knows :-) ) Also due to this I will have little time to plan my annual October murder mystery so it will be postponed until later this year. So far I am thinking 1920-30 era and having it CthulhU - ish. Right now I am thinking large scale dinner and dance, any suggestions would be appreciated. (if you have never come to one of my games and would like more information please e-mail me)
    On to other changes: my radio time on FM 88.1 is Tuesdays from nine until noon ... bright and early. Also I added another class, The Weber Opera Workshop and we'll be putting on a Opera late next semester. As an update to my stage crew class I was chosen to stage-manage Professor Tracys play "Mother Hicks" which goes on at the start of next semester and on top of all that I'll be auditioning for Sondheims "Into the Woods". All in all due to all of this theater I think my schedule will be lighter this spring.
    The first debate tournament of the western US season has started with the Utah Open held at the Univ. of Utah for the last decade or so but as of this year Weber will be hosting it this October second and third, it will be changed to ....... dum da da dah the Weber Open. (how original) Unlike high school debate people usually compete in three to five events per tournament (as opposed to just one or two). I have no Idea what to write about this year and I spent all day today reading , typing and searching on the Internet trying to find inspiration but I'm stuck. So any pages of useless facts, quotes, jokes, monologues or anything else anyone can send me would be very appreciated.

    And now a short bashing of my old school seeing how I am no longer a Utah Ute


Two Weber Wildcats and one Utah Ute were all in prison awaiting execution by firing squad.
One Wildcat said, "When we each go to be executed, just shout a warning like a disaster is about to happen.
When it catches them off guard, we can escape."
The first Wildcat went to be executed.
The guard said, "Ready. Aim.."
The Wildcat yelled out "Hurricane!!"
When the firing squad hid, he climbed the wall and escaped.
The second Wildcat stood before the squad
and when the time came, he yelled "Earthquake!!"
He likewise escaped.
The Ute stood before the firing squad.
The guard said, "Ready, Aim.."
Just then the Ute yelled,

Q: How do you get a U of U grad off your front porch?
A: Pay him for the pizza.

Q: Why do U of U graduates put their diplomas on the dashboards of their cars?
A: So they can park in handicap spaces.

Entering a store, a man said,
"I would like a white hat, red pants, a white shirt and red shoes."
The clerk asked "Are you a University of Utah fan?"
"I sure am," the man said, sticking his chest out. "How did you know? The color combination?"
"No," replied the employee. "This is a hardware store."


Thank you all for your phone calls and e-mails they have meant a lot to me,
All in all things are wonderful! I hope that life fares you all well back home.
Write me and tell me about it. Pleasant Dreams within Dreams, May All of your wishes come true,
Your Friend and Humble Servant: Paul W. Draper