Subject: Rosh Ha'shanna and Yom Kippur

     Hi there, Paul here and its Jewish High Holy Days again.
That means its a time for celebration of the new year, a time for making resolutions and a time to repent.
In some religions when you do something wrong you can repent directly to God and God will forgive you. In others Jesus died for your sins so you can repent to him and he forgives. Others you repent to the Priest and he repents for you and so on.

    In the Jewish faith we believe that before God will forgive us we have to get the person we have wronged to forgive us.
i.e. If I steal something from Joe's Store on the corner and I realize:" jepers! that was a sin, I broke a commandment, I can't just steal from Joe". I have to then go to Joe and tell him what I did and ask his forgiveness before I can go to my spiritual leader or to God.

    Now let me tell you this is a really hard thing to do. Because there is sometimes someone you've wronged and time has passed and things have changed and it would be easy to just walk away from it and pretend nothing has happened. (Like in my example above ..... three months later you think "gee should I really tell joe, it was so long ago and it was ONLY a fifty - nine cent candy bar")
    Even worse than knowing, sometimes we don't remember the wrongs we have committed either because we forget or we never knew that what we did hurt the other person (sometimes our friends just bottle it up). So due to this I am asking you to please think back over the past year and tell me what I have done wrong, what I have done to hurt you and what resolutions need to make and changes I need to start upon.
    This is a very important part of my faith and the fixing of old blemishes with the restoration of friendships is integral to the season. I am not able to get this e-mail out to all of my friends, everyone doesn't have an e-mail. But I do know that most of you know and talk with at least one other person within my circle of those important to me, and some of you live with them. Please tell them that I have a sincere wish to make amends and that I would appreciate e-mails, phone calls, visits or any other means of contact. If they or any of you wish I will schedule a time to talk and I'll even buy lunch
(don't just rob me for a free lunch :-) )
Thank you ahead of time for your time and consideration,
La'shana Tova -May you find Peace happiness and Longevity in the up coming year,
Paul W. Draper

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P.P.S If your happy with me , Ya know, I'd LOVE to hear that too :-)
Much love and Gum Drops, Paul W. Draper