Subject: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Oct. 15, 1998 And now for another one of "Pauls Random Updates"

    They were weekly, then monthly but ya know, who's counting.

    The mountains outside my window have almost finished changing color. I've watched them everyday, painted in slow patterns. Red and gold and Orange. Fall is My favorite time of the year I love bundling up in sweaters and big blankets. I love fireplaces and Pumpkins. But most of all I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. Lots of food/candy and playing dress up. What more could a guy ask for! I guess only one thing .....presents.... but we'll come to that later.

    The play I'm in "Twelfth Night" starts on Oct. the 28th and runs through and including Halloween night at seven pm in the Egyptian Theater in South Ogden. The Twenty Ninth is my birthday and after the show most of the cast has agreed to go out to dinner with any of my friends who come up, and I know a lot of you are planing to :-) yeah! But a happy birthday e-mail on the day will be just as appreciated and effective.

    As for a present? (boy am I pushy on this birthday thing or what) I don't need anything. Truly. I have everything (within current reason) that I want. If you do want to give me a present I would like something of yourself. i.e... a tape of your favorite songs or a poem you wrote or a picture of you. These items will mean the most to me.

    In other news I went to the first University debate tournament of the western season and it was hosted by my school. After spending two days debating and missing a play a lot of my new acquaintances were in. After attending a tournament that was going six hours behind throughout. After my coach telling me the wrong time to meet so I missed my first round.. and he was the one scheduling the tournament. I went to the awards assembly and my name wasn't called for any award. The following monday confused about what had happened I found that weber students weren't allowed to place because we hosted it. (just a small fact that the coach didn't fell a need to tell me) I was really annoyed and to justify the two days that coach now owes me :-) I asked him to give me two finalist plaques ( I know I was at least that in both Persuasive Speaking and After Dinner Speaking). I know trophies don't mean anything and in a couple of years they'll be in a box some were collecting dust but, it made me feel better.

    Seventeen credit hours is a big load but Im faring well. I like all of my books and the students are on the most part happy to be in school and see it as a privilege. So study groups are easy to find and welcome me in.

    All of the girls are either married, engaged, promised to a missionary, going on a mission, or are the exact opposite and are date aholics that spend all hours up every night with a different guy (not my type) but that sort of keeps me on track ........ though I must admit I have found two interests *bad Paul* *bad* and they don't know about each other. ..................................umm.....err... ohhh.......... Hummmmmmmm.

    I have been doing magic shows here and there and have an appointment next week to be hired as a once a week position at the ogden children's museum (cross your fingers for me).

    This saturday I'll be performing an escape act in crossroads mall with a few other magicians to commemorate the death of Eric Wiss (Harry Houdini) it will be outside the magic shop at about 2:00.

    At the Radio Station I've been doin   Productions Asst. type work. I do a lot of commercials and bit pieces on the air both acting and Production. As well as DJ ing tuesdays from nine until noon. So Im busy and I love it.

    I'm sorry I haven't been writing back more frequently I have been in bed the last couple of days with Bronchitis and Walking Pneumonia but I'm on the mend (I unplugged my phone this morning so no one would call and wake me up and my mom was so worried when she couldn't get through she drove all the way up here just to go buy me some juice :-) what a wacky lady..... Thanks Mom!)

    To make a long story short (too late) all is great, Im safe and happy and I feel the force within me (kinda tingling and lemony).
Please write me back,
I Love you and miss you :-)
Sir Paul W. Draper Esq. III
Lord of the Ugnarfhs, Keeper of the Zoogwabies, Holder of the Grackulaguns,
Protector of the Zub Zub Zees,
and seer of the peace. Nanoo Nanoo Alfa five signing off.