Subject: Nov. 19 Update

    Plump snow flakes are falling from the tie died sky. Swirls of dark and light clouds, blue horizin and sun. ,Some of the mountains in the distance are rittled with white highlights, but my mountain, (the one just outside of my window)  so close I can almost touch it,
is still filled and fighting, hanging on to the last colors of fall.

    Classes are coming along fine. I've become a lot more studious since high school. By that I don't mean I read more or understand more.... I Just attend classes more and have become better at regurgitating (what a dirty word... better then vomiting I guess) almost word for word what the teachers feed me.

    Ohh I long for teachers that want me to have my own ideas and enjoy arguing with me. So that we can come to a greater truth together. I think that they are the wisest. The ones that know they might learn something from their students and knows that every person has something to give them.

If only I could always be that wise. :-)

Heres my schedule for next time around:
Principals of Public Speaking, Intro. to Dance, Intro. to writing,
American Civilizations, Beginning Folk Guitar, Performing arts forum,
Theater Practicum 1 acting and 2 managing, and Radio Production workshop.

    Over the past year and a half I've only been in fun classes so I decided to take some general ed.'s and see how I fare. Some exciting news on my front.

I was cast in the Egyptian Theaters Production of Sondheims "Into the Woods" - I'm the Narrator.

    I have been hired to teach a six week class at the Jewish Community Center (the old fort next to the University of Utah) . It will be each Sunday from 1- 2:30 in the afternoon. and get this, its called...

**** Magic, Masks, Mime & Movement ****
by renowned Mentalist, Magician and Motivational Speaker
Paul W. Draper

The Snow storm outside has increased and the whole world has disappeared. They say that some winters the snow gets to be four or five feet deep up here (the campus is built on the side of a mountain range). Well I'm on the eighth floor so I won't worry until It builds up so High I have to sled out of my window to go to class. Now I wonder how many huskies they'll let me keep in my room to pull it. Hummmmm.

    Radios going strong for me. I'm working more hours. KWCR Weber states FM 88.1 *1600 watts (as compared to the University of Utah's station KUTE AM 93.1 * 2 watts ) hahahahahaha

    The cast for the play Mother Hicks (that I'm the stage manager for) has been chosen and today will be our fourth full cast rehearsal. The director just finished directing the play that's currently running at SLAC (salt Lake Acting Company) "How I Learned to Drive" as usual with her plays and all shows at SLAC the Tribune loved it and the Deseret news hated it. Its about pedifillia in America.......
I haven't bought a ticket yet :-) (but don't tell her that)

    I did a charity magic show at a poor rail road side elementary school. the students are 18 months delayed and most don't speak English. All of the first graders in all of the classes drew pictures of me and sent them to my dorm room. Though I didn't have a top hat or a rabbit,
over half of the pictures show me with them. Now that's REAL magic!! :-)

    Kind of a small world incident happened to me the yesterday. I was in the radio station doing my show when all of a sudden the DJ who comes after me walks in with his friend.

    The DJ says to the other guy "your such a Jew"
which is responded by "no your the Jew"
then the DJ quipped back "you jewed me first over the soda so I ain't jewin you".

    I turned to the DJ and asked him "where are you from?" he said "Randolf Utah" so I turned to the other guy and told him "I've been to Randolf and can almost surly tell you he's  a Mormon. Small likelyhood he's a Jew." they laughed for a minute and then I told the DJ I have family up in Randolf, my grandmother was raised there with her nine brothers and theres one brother and his family that still lives on the land. His name is Frank Weston. The boys eyes light up..... "My names Frank Weston, I'm named after my grandfather. "Your Great Aunt Ruths grandson?" (ohhh hell, I think I'm related to him!)

    So I talk to him about family and such and I never say that I'm Jewish..... you see, I've only seen members of that side of the family three times in my life, and this was one of the three.

    Well he's from a real wild west kind of town up around bear lake and they raise cattle and live stalk and have probably never seen a Jew of anyone of any (for lack of a better word and not wanting to use color) race ever before. (Other than on TV) So It's not his fault, he just doesn't know. I'll teach him :-). Or should I say un teach him. We aren't born with prejudices, we learn them. And they can be unlearned.

    There are some new pictures and things on my web page and some writings I did all the way back to the first year of jr. high up to current.

Thank you for all of your support and love,
Please write me back,
I thrive off of your letters.
Pleasant Dreams within Dreams,
Paul W. Draper