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Update Wednesday February 10 1999

well these updates were coming pretty smooth at two a month for about four months ( you can read the old updates on my web page And then after November 19 1998 I dropped off the face of the earth...... sorry :-(


The Play I was Stage Managing "Mother Hicks" Is over and I now have a normal schedule of only 1 play, (Into the Woods... if you remember from last time, I'm the Narrator and it plays at the Egyptian Theater here in Ogden from March 4th - the 8th) Radio, Debate, Magic, and 18 credit Hours! :-) Plus trying to keep some what of a social life..... I'm sorry it takes me so long to write back, I read all of my e-mail 3 times a day and they mean so much to me, I just get bogged down and decide that if I don't have time to send a long thought out e-mail I shouldn't send one at all, and then I hardly get back to sending it for a month or so..... I'm working on it :-).

Mother Hicks went well and was rittled with positive feed back from every critique I was privy to..... except almost every critic hated the seating; Bleachers. The director told me that she nominated the stage management of the show for a national inter collegic merit award, How exciting! (I wonder what it means?)

Into the Woods is fun but I can always tell who the music majors are, their the ones who cringe whenever I start to sing. As most of you know I don't read music, and when I do I sometimes like to make up my own notes/speak sing it/ or character sing it any way. So I get funny side comments like "Stephen Soundhim has a Pulitzer Prize Paul and when you get a Pulitzer you can feel free to rewrite his work." However the director seems to like it. For those of you who don't know its a story connecting a huge number of Grimm fairy tales together and circling around the central morals that "you should be careful of the wishes you make, because they might come true" And "Careful the things you say, Children will listen." Again to push it in your face MARCH 4-8th

Radio is going strong I've been doing production and the like, radio plays and commercials. One of my radio plays won a regional award for the western united states (Wyoming over to cali).

Haven't been to a debate tournament in a while (though I am in advanced Public speaking) But I'm starting to think that with all this other college stuff my debate flare might die down a bit. Which is really too bad but I need to decide where I want to start going (major and such) . Pick a star to hitch my wagon to and head on strait until morning. (Emerson and Peter Pan could have been poets together)

I had a group of friends over in my dorm room a couple of weeks ago and we stayed up yacking until 6:30 in the morning (quiet hours are after 11pm and all girls have to leave by 2 am). And my dorm RA (residence assistant.. they guy who lives on the floor and enforces all of the rules) Lives in the room right next to me, his bed about 6.5 inches through a wall from mine...... tee hee. Well he was up all night because of it and told me the next day that I had an option a) he turns me in and I'm kicked out of the dorm or b) I do a magic show for my floor (fulfilling his requirement to do a floor activity each month). So right after I write this letter I'll be setting up for the show tonight. I also performed for another grade school and I'll be doing two shows at the Jewish Community Center Purim Festival on March 7th (its a holiday celebrating the book of Ester and all of the feats she did to stop the evil plots of King Antiocus's advisor Nebicineser ..BOO!!!!) Plus I'll soon be assembling equipment and such for an audition to perform long engagement magic on a cruise ship... wish me luck!

Classes are going well I received a 3.6 last semester and hope to do better this. Look ma I can get higher than a 2.2! (That's what I graduated high school with.... as an average) You can check out my schedule on my web page if you'd like too..... and please feel free to give me suggestions on what you would like to see up there in the future.

Sorry Its been so long and I promise to try my best to write more frequently,

Your Friend, Now and Always!

Paul W. Draper