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Howdy Neighbor it's a beautiful, sunny Sunday -  February 28 1999

An interesting fact ... If you've ever heard the term once in a blue
moon....... Think about experiencing twice in a blue moon. We will have
two consecutive full moons in 1999 (January 2 and 31, March 2 and 31 )
The only other time this has happened this century was in 1915 (January
1 and 31, march 1 and 31)

Into the Woods  Rehearsal has been going great! We open Wednesday the
third of march (this Wednesday) at 7:30 p.m. at the Egyptian Theater in
Ogden. We will perform Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.
After the performance Thursday there will be a meet the cast thing where
the cast and director come out and answer questions. If you are
going to come see the show drop me a line and let me know.

This Tuesday is the Jewish holiday of Purim, celebrating the biblical
story of the book of Esther and her triumph over the evil Haman (Prime
Minister of King Ahasueros of Persia - who was Esthers Husband) who set
a date on which to kill all of the Jews because of their observation of
the biblical commandment not to bow down unto man or idol, only bow unto
the lord your god. (The Jews wouldn't bow to royalty). Ester was able to
summon the strength to stop her peoples demise and rid Haman.
Interesting fact.... the Book of ester is the only book in the bible
that never mentions god. Many believe this is due to the fact that it
was written in letter form to be carried from district to district in
outlying arias (around 500 B.C.E) and they didn't want to include the
name of the lord in case the scroll was desecrated or improperly handled

To celebrate the holiday there is usually costume wearing (frequently
of the people involved in the book of Esther) Noise makers used and
candy and cookies to eat.... from the outside it sort of looks like a
carnival with story telling....... and from the inside...... it feels like one too!

I Have also recently been cast as Meles Gloriosis in the Off Broadway
Theater's Production of Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum. I
start rehearsal the day after We strike the set for Into the Woods. It
performs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night April 22 - June 5th
(21 performances... the longest run I have yet to be involved in) It
will be the first staged theater show I have ever been paid to do. Also
my friend Michelle Egli was also cast, As Phelia "My Bride".

The National Conference of Community and Justice has asked that I be a
speaker at their annual Utah chapter Banquet..... there are usually such
prominent figures there as apostles from the LDS Church, Salt Lakes
Rabbi's, The Governor, Mayor, Cathedral of the Maudlin Cardinals and
more. I must say I don't know which emotion I feel stronger Honor or Excitement.

I've been ill lately and been doing to much but other than that all is
well. I'm content and life is going my way :-). Enough food to eat, nice clothes to
wear and a warm dorm room to drive home to each night... what more could I ask for :-)
but ya know all in all I think Actress Lily Tomlin said it best..
"I always wanted to be somebody, But I should have been more specific."

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I Have heard from: Tami, Aaron, Mari, Richard, Roger, Kevin, Marci,
Beckee, Jessica, James, Shahene, Ruth/Kim, Rusty, Brian, Olivia

    Thank you for who you are and all you do
       Paul W. Draper

P.S. Please Check out my page and give me suggestions
or pictures or midi files or documents or anything to put up.

P.P.S. I had a linguistics professor who said that it's mans ability to
use language that makes him the dominant species on the planet. That may
be. But I think their one other thing that tends to separate us from
animals. We aren't afraid of vacuum  cleaners.