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The information on this pages has come from a variety of sources. It would be impossible to cite them directly, however, since most answers contains information from multiple sources and different times. However, most of the information on this page has come from official press releases by New Line Cinema, interviews (1 2) with Peter Jackson and other scoops on on Ain't-It-Cool News, the official Lord of the Rings movie website, and daily news from movie and LOTR rumor sites.

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All images on the cast page have been taken from various public Internet galleries.

Most images on this site have had their size altered and/or been recompressed for optimum Internet browsing. Quality should therefore not be indicative of source material.

All images are copyright their respective owners and/or creators. No copyright infringement is intended by their presentation on this web page, and the author of this web page claims no ownership of said images. Any questions, comments, or information should be directed to aaronareed@yahoo.com.

This site is affiliated with Imladris to help a greater number of readers find the resources here. However, the views expressed here are independent of those on Imladris and vice versa. The sites are two separate entities.

RingFAQ is in no way affiliated or associated with the official site, New Line Cinema, WETA, Three Foot Six Ltd., or any other aspect of the movie production. All material related to the movie trilogy is copyright New Line Cinema.

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