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This area of my page is dedicated to those of you who love the idea of magic.

I see Magic as a mystical ideal, a place where we can live in childlike joy, confidence and wonder. I never make fun of my audience or embarrass them. I use magic to empower and share the joy, the excitement I feel with the coming of each day.

Performing a highly energized and interactive show I can draw crowds to your booth at a convention or make your next party unforgettable.

This page is also a place for the magic enthusiast. There are (and will be) essays by me and my contemporaries on the philosophy of magic, performance tips, book lists and links to other wonderful magic sites.



You are simply the greatest! Thank - you so much for doing your awesome magic show for the Handicap Kids Activity - You were Truly the life of the party! Fox 13 will air the story in about a month...

-Brynn Jankee Youth Specialist for the Utah Youth Summit (Lt. Governors office)


...I find Paul to be a person of exceptional ability. I also find Paul to be a person of great integrity. ... Thank you for a decade of magic.

- Lorene Billings Holladay Elementary Educator


This is a very special person and I highly recommend him.

- David Litvack Assistant Director National Conference of Community and Justice (Utah)

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