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Last Updated Jun 2, 2000.

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Thank you for coming to my home page . Within these pages I have placed information about my passions; From magic, theatre, and music performance to photography, diversity training, motivational speaking and my friends and family that mean so much to me and are, to a great degree, responsible for who I am, what I do, and who I aspire to become.

Feel free to take as long as you like looking through these pages reading my speeches, essays and thoughts. There will be new additions made constantly - for no web page is ever complete, the Internet isn't stagnant. It is constantly "Under Construction" and a work in progress. So please check back regularly.

The thoughts expressed on this board are merely my opinions. They are also subject to change based on new information and greater world experiences. Please e-mail me with YOUR thoughts (

Remember you and I always have a right to make tomorrow be the "first day of the rest of our lives" and wipe the slate clean. Please pardon my spelling and grammar throughout. Most of my writing is created spur of the moment and "vomited" (as one of my favorite teachers used to say) onto the page. After which I rarely look back and edit. It's one of my flaws, but adds to my charm :-).

Well... What are you waiting for? Take off your shoes, grab some Doritos, a candy bar, some ice tea or cream soda and DIVE IN.

P.S. when you are ready to leave my programmed domicile, there are plenty of wonderful doors to cross into in my links page.

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