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Hello My friends! Thank you for coming back to my page after months and months of no update. This new page will have more current photos (as I get time to scan them in) A active message board where we can chat about different topics an add on story game and much, much more.

If people that aren't my friend are looking at this page...... WELCOME TO THE CLUB!! I am always looking for new friends :-). Please E-mail me and let me know that you stopped by. (that goes for old friends to.)

This area will change constantly and if it doesn't please e-mail me often and complain until it dose, I will "hate" you for the moment but appreciate you in the long run.

And p.s. Thank you for being my friend.

Signed: Sir. Paul W. Draper Esq. III, Lord of the Ugnarfs, King of the Na Na nooks, Holder of the keys, Protector of the Zigwabees, Ruler of the Logga La Loos, Surveyor to the Lands of the Lost, Keeper of the Peace and Friend of the little people.

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