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"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players, they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts..."

- William Shakespeare's "As You Like It"

My love of theater takes up more of my time than any other aspect of my life. From Folk , Jazz and "Dance for musical theater" to voice lessons, speech

lessons, acting classes, characterization , script writing, stage combat, costuming, stage managing, set building and directing to hours and hours every night rehearsing with the cast and hours upon hours memorizing and rehearsing alone.


I have been fortunate enough to play many roles so far in my scholastic career and even had time to try out community and semi professional arenas in my neck of the woods. (I'm male and breathe, in community theater I will almost always be cast hahahaha.)

Theater will always be in my blood and it will always permeate everything I do. For "A magician is only an actor who is ready to take on the role of magician" and I tell every communication student that asks "There is no better way to learn to more effectively communicate and interact with a crowd then through the intensive study of theater".

Through this page you will be able to access both my acting and technical resumes, current shows I am in and other thoughts and writings I have or find interesting on the subject of theatrical performance.

Soon I will also include a list of phone numbers and addresses to box offices of different Utah theaters so that you can access audition and ticket information.


"Miles Gloriosis was flawlessly portrayed by Paul Draper"

- Deseret News Theater Review


Yesterday, As we began the annual commemoration of the Holocaust with "Holocaust Memorial week", Olympus High School students, under the capable direction of Paul Draper, presented "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" to students and congregates at Congregation Kol Ami. The presentation was superb! The sensitivity conveyed by all participating students was impressive! The acting, directing, and sets were wonderful, and very appropriate.

The Olympus students expressed great appreciation for your support and encouragement. We are, in turn, very grateful to you and to the talented, sensitive students who afforded us such a memorable, powerful experience. Everyone in the audience -- children, adolescents, and adults -- joins me in expressing thanks and appreciation.

- Nomi Loeb, Principal Kol Ami Religious School


Your being with us was nothing short of an act of fate. ... I take my hat off to you!! Much success.

- Dave Arnold Artistic Director of Le Belle Opera Co.

We have had so many comments on our program; "it was like a spiritual experience" , "you should do this every year" , I would like to have the script, so I can use it at my school", etc., etc. Mostly due to the momentum that you set for the whole piece. You were are just terrific. Thank you, Thank you. We love you and are so glad you are a part of our team.

Please save room on your plate for Anytown; the entertainment world needs you, but so do our children. With special regards,

- Joan W. Smith, DSW Executive Director National Conference of Community and Justice (Utah)

You Command the Stage with authority well beyond your years. Keep it up.

-Lucky Heath

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