Real nifty looking picture of Paul doing something Magical! :-) Prejudice is Natural, Discrimination is Not: Some definitions and my personal insight into the world of prejudice prevention. This is an introduction.

School Clubs: After A Gay / Straight Alliance was proposed at East High school in Salt Lake City Utah the community threw itself into an  uproar. Out of fear of the unknown and socital prejudges teachers and parents wanted to ban this club. The School District, finding that a Gay / Strait Alliance would be accepted under their current policy's found that the only way to prevent it from happening would be to ban all non curricular clubs...... i.e.. Debate Team, Chess Team, Water Polo, Drama Club, Environmental Club and so on. (They would however keep the Football Team by making it a class period supervised by an instructor and give credit for it. Sheesh!). The District called this new proposal "Forced Choice for the Board of Education" so at one of the many  public hearings I attended I gave this speech "Freedom of Choice for the Board of Education". (as a side note: Though there was public distress over this club at East, very little media or public attention went towards the newly founded club at West S.A.F.E. (Students Against Faggots Everywhere) Just something to think about.)

Seance: I was fortunate enough to take a class on science, psudoscience and the supernatural. This was my final essay on the history of spiritualism. My main sources were Eugene Burgers Spirit Theater, Lee Earles Manifestations and Sir. Aurthur Connan Doyle's History of Spiritualism. DO you believe in GHOSTS? They believe in you.

Magic Horror Story: This is the worst experience I have yet to have while performing. That is the fun of live theater, you never know what your going to get :-)

Vomit: This is what I like to call a Vomit. It's un unedited spew of thought as it comes to me. I try to do one a week, it's a release for me. Release stress and keeps up my imagination. This vomit I believe was my first... bon appetite.


Barney Bible: Written by Myself and Co Sysop Aaron Reed for the Call of CthulhU BBS soon after the Barney Craze started. 

Butterfly notes: Directors Notes I used for my first production of the play I Never Saw Another Butterfly.

H. G. Music: The Start of a musical baised on Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I assisted Aaron Reed in its creation. Midi Files of Original music coming soon.

Magic Syllabus: For my Undergraduate final project I plan to teach an experimental course on magic. Here is the proposed syllabus.


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