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What's new with RingFAQ?

9/07/00: Another feature has been added to RingFAQ that will hopefully make information easier to find. A site search engine, powered by, will let you quickly find and jump to pages here containing any word you type in. Try it out on the Search Page.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments about the search engine, the poll, or the site in general at I always respond to e-mails and enjoy hearing from my readers.

Last poll results: Of the sets glimpsed by Internet fans during the past year of filming, the one poll respondents are looking forward to most is... Rivendell! Only glimpsed in a scant few photos, perhaps the element of mystery intrigues fans more than the oft-photographed Helm's Deep set (which came in second). The beautiful Edoras and Hobbiton sets only scored 11% of the vote each, while Bree tailed with a scant 3%.

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What is the latest news?

10/11/00: On October 11, 1999, The Lord of the Rings officially began production, shooting a scene from early in Fellowship at Mt. Victoria in Wellington. In honor of a year of sets, stars, and spy reports, has put together a very nice filming summary, including pictures. It's a great reminder of what we've seen, or, in case you're just joining us, what you've missed!

9/29/00: The folks at Force of Hobbit have posted their October update early. This month's feature article is an on location set report from Edoras. In other news this update, co-screenwriter Philippa Boyens addresses the Arwen issue, and in addition there's some cast confirmations and upcoming shooting locations. Read all about it on E-Online's Force of Hobbit.

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What's happening now?

After a year of filming, crews are now working on scenes for the second and third movies, with a goal of being finished by Christmas. Filming at the spectacular Edoras set finished on September 29. After a few weeks in Wellington, the crew will return to the South Island to film scenes involving the Battle of Pellenor Fields and Minas Tirith.

The lead actors and the entire crew have been officially announced; a full cast list may or may not be available until the film's release.

To see what is currently being filmed (as well as what has been and what will be), check out our Shooting Log page.

A boat rests near the shore of a lake backed by rolling clouds and a towering hill.

A spy captures a distant pic of filming at Lake Mavora.

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"I'm a gambler, like everyone else in the film business, but this is a project that could capture the imagination of a global audience."
-- New Line Cinema Chairman Robert Shaye