Real nifty looking picture of Paul doing something Magical! :-)Paul Draper specializes in high energy, fun and motivational presentations that will captive, entertain and persuade your customers and employees alike. His shows are engaging and professional, tailored to the needs of your company and event

Paul has spent years harnessing the ability to effectively communicate to your employees, students or communities by motivating them, leading them through team building, inter cultural respect and leadership activities.

{ At your next sales meeting to empower your staff.

{ At your school or church to discuss the issues of diversity and respect that effect ever aspect of our lives.

{ At your inter cultural event to talk about Judaism, Israeli folk dancing or the similarities between Judaism and Christianity

Paul can deliver a show that underscores a specific message. Or he can serve as the host for an entire event that they'll always remember.


My training in speaking includes

Weber State University: Advanced public speaking, Persuasive speaking, Intercultural communications, and a minor in oral communications (expected fall 2000) nationally ranked speaker in several national debate competitions

Some of the groups and companies Paul has been a keynote speaker for:


"...Paul educates and learns from everyone. He sees value in everyone. When Paul delivers a speech his enthusiasm blows in and lifts the audience into the air with it. An auditorium full of junior High school students verified this assertion last year when they sat, spell bound, watching Paul deliver his oration. Simple. Poignant. Truthful. Heartfelt. Paul Celebrated the powerful possibilities he recognized in these kids. When he finished speaking, all of these seventh, eighth and ninth grade students rose to their feet with applause. They had awarded to Paul ... an honor usually reserved for the likes of Michael Jordan and Jim Carey.

At one point in his speech Paul admits "I have a lot to work on, but I also have a lot to work with." Paul's speech conveyed hope. Even in the face of the nightly news Paul, Himself, gives me hope. Do not miss this guy! He is an unconventionally kind young man who will enrich the lives of everyone he meets. Prepositions aside, Paul really will give you so much to work with."

-Rebecca Brough Olympus High School

"On behalf of the youth Group and Community of Grace Presbyterian Church, thank you so much for your time and informative presentation. May god's blessings be with you in all your future endeavors and we'll be watching. Cheers"

-Grace Presbyterian Church

"Paul is a "people person". He likes people. He accepts and enjoys them. I would venture to say that most schools and businesses (to say nothing of communities and nations) want and need those who know how to work cooperatively with others. ...

Paul Draper will be an asset to your institution. I recommend him to your faculty and administration."

- Joe Spendlove Social Studies Specialist Granite School District

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with the participants of the recent Utah Youth Summit. The workshops were one of the highlights of the summit and the feedback from your workshop was VERY positive. AMAZING! Extraordinary! Awesome experience! Totally in Awe! A huge success! Wonderful! Incredible! ..."

- Becky Mitchell 4-H Youth Development Specialist

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