Real nifty looking picture of Paul doing something Magical! :-)The Power Within You.

An Original Oratory .
I was very proud to represent Utah at the national debate competition
and bring home 12th of 20,000 in the nation. 

Have you told anyone you loved them today?

An Original Oratory 
This is an oration I gave in 1996 at the national debate competition.
I finished in the top 1% in the nation. 

 I Am a Part of All That I Have Met.

I was chosen to be the graduation speaker for the 
1997 class of Olympus High School.
This speech is comprised of both new material and 
material used in my previous debate speeches.

Prejudice is Natural, Discrimination is Not:

Jews Vs. The Gentiles: I was trying to compile my thoughts on why the Holocost happened

It is a Dark and stormy night: A basic history of Spiritualism. Longer version avalible in my "Other Writings" sections.

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