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"Be Happy,
Because You're POWERFUL!
And People Love You."
-Paul W. Draper '97

Thank you for coming to my page dedicated to diversity training and motivational speaking. One of my greatest joys in life is to effectively communicate with an audience.

{ Share Ideas

{ Enlighten

{ Persuade

{ Motivate

{ Inform

I invite you to look over some of the my personal notes and essays I have used for past speeches and presentations. I tailor every speech to your organizations personal needs. And please feel free to read my resume listing some of my qualifications, past experience and testimonials.

Letters I have received:

"Thank you SO very much for helping us out with the Handicap primary. You were absolutely amazing and the kids loved you."

- HUGS Officers (Help Us Give Service)

"I want to thank you again for the part you played in making our staff retreat so successful. Your program was the perfect ending to two days of workshops. The staff left with smiles. Good luck in whatever you choose to do - You are extremely talented and versatile."

- Laurell Martenez College of Arts and Humanities Weber State University

"...Paul, was and is a beautiful role model of the ideals of inclusiveness and respect. Along with his wonderful character he is a young man of many talents; he acts, sings, is a magician, writes poetry. He doesn't just dabble, he is exceptional!"

- Joan W. Smith, DSW Executive Director National Conference of Community and Justice (Utah)


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